Meet Dr. Rani Fritz

Meet Dr. Rani Fritz

by | July 17th, 2018


Introducing Dr. Rani Fritz, our newest fertility specialist

All of us at our Manhattan fertility center are excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team: Dr. Rani Fritz, DO, PhD, FACOG. Dr. Fritz joins our practice not just with intensive subspecialty training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI), but with a PhD in reproductive science and six years of experience as a board certified, practicing OBGYN.

“I was drawn to New York Fertility Services due to their compassionate, patient-focused and individualized approach to fertility medicine,” Dr. Fritz says. “The boutique nature of New York Fertility Services enables me to be engaged in all aspects of patient care, from the initial consultation to the ultrasound examinations, and all fertility-related procedures. This patient-focused approach best fits my style of medicine and is one of the main reasons I joined New York Fertility Services.”

Dr. Fritz combines a commitment to high-quality medicine with a patient-friendly focus, immediately putting patients at ease and giving them confidence that they are receiving the best possible care during an often-stressful phase of their lives.

“The relationship that a fertility physician has with their patients is of the utmost importance,” Dr. Fritz notes. “One of my goals is to ensure that I create a warm and comfortable environment, where every patient leaves the office with each question and concern addressed. I also think it is important to be involved in all aspects of my patients’ care, including performing their ultrasound examinations, reviewing and discussing their testing results, and performing their procedures. I understand that questions may arise outside of standard hours, and I make myself available at all times to answer any questions or concerns.”

Get to know Dr. Rani Fritz

Before joining our Manhattan fertility center, Dr. Rani Fritz was a practicing OBGYN who saw many patients struggling to overcome infertility. He felt called to become a fertility specialist and chose to continue his medical education by pursuing an REI fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as a doctorate degree in reproductive sciences.

“It is a combination of the special relationship a fertility specialist builds with their patients and the science behind the medicine that drew me to this field,” he says. “There is no greater reward than working together with patients to help overcome their fertility struggles, and there is no greater professional joy than having a patient visit our office with their newborn after having overcome their fertility struggles. The smiles, and often tears of joy, are truly priceless.”

Working in reproductive endocrinology also feeds Dr. Fritz’s fascination with the science behind fertility medicine.

“It is exciting to contribute and be part of a rapidly evolving scientific community dedicated to overcoming infertility,” he says. Dr. Fritz’s research has been widely published, and he has won several prestigious awards for his papers and presentations, including the Prize Paper during the 2017 American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting, the highest award given at the meeting.

Dr. Fritz has a special interest in fertility preservation, and has made this specialty area of reproductive medicine a specific focus of his research. He is currently involved in research related to better educating reproductive-age women on the process of reproductive aging, fertility decline with aging and egg freezing.

“The past several decades have seen a dramatic increase in the number of women delaying their childbearing past their reproductive peak, which has led to an increased number of women experiencing involuntary childlessness,” he says. “An integral part of a woman’s reproductive autonomy is to empower her with information related to reproductive aging, so that she can better make pro-fertility choices.”

Make an appointment today

Joel Batzofin MD and the entire team at New York Fertility Services are delighted to welcome Dr. Fritz, knowing that the men and women in our care will benefit from his extensive expertise and compassionate approach to fertility diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Rani Fritz is currently accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment with him at our Manhattan fertility center, please contact us today.

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