Why You Need a Third-Party Reproduction Lawyer

Why You Need a Third-Party Reproduction Lawyer

by | September 12th, 2017


The importance of using a third-party reproduction lawyer

Why You Need a Third-Party Reproduction LawyerFamilies can be built in many ways, and more people are discovering the joy of growing a family through third-party reproduction. Donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogacy are all wonderful ways to have a baby, but each comes with complex legal aspects that must be handled by an experienced third-party reproduction lawyer.

Because our New York fertility doctor, Joel Batzofin, M.D., handles a wide range of third-party reproduction options, our experienced team of professionals stands ready to refer you to attorneys with the specialized experience you need. To empower yourself as a hopeful parent, it is important to understand why you need a third-party reproduction lawyer.

The role of the third-party reproduction lawyer

If you go through a sperm bank or a donor egg agency, all legal matters will be handled for you. But if you plan to use a known egg or sperm donor, it’s important to find a legal expert who can help you protect the interests of yourself, your future child, and your donor. For example, it’s standard for such contracts to clearly state that the donor has no claim to a child born of their donated eggs or sperm.

If you need a surrogate to have a baby, you also need a third-party reproduction lawyer who is familiar with the surrogacy laws of your state, as well as the state in which your surrogate resides. In New York, for example, paid surrogacy arrangements are not permitted by law, but you can still use a surrogate who lives in another state – as long as your surrogacy contract is drafted in that state.

Look for a third-party reproduction lawyer with the skills and experience to handle all legal aspects of donation or surrogacy for you.

  • Explain the legal aspects of third-party reproduction
  • Conduct reference and background checks on potential third parties
  • Handle sensitive financial negotiations with surrogates
  • Negotiate terms for future contact and involvement between your surrogate, your donor, yourself and your child
  • Write legally enforceable contracts
  • Serve as an intermediary to resolve any disputes that may arise

Referrals available

Our New York fertility doctor maintains a list of top attorneys who specialize in reproductive law, and are happy to refer you to a skilled lawyer who can assist you. We are honored to be a part of the miracle of third-party reproduction, and to help you make your dream of having a child come true.

To learn more about why you need a third-party reproduction lawyer, contact us to schedule an appointment with our New York fertility doctor.

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