Affordable IVF

Affordable IVF, Care within Reach

New York Fertility Services Offers Affordable Fertility Care Options

Financial programs provided directly through New York Fertility Services, as well as those that we help identify in the marketplace, can help defray the cost of IVF, fertility medications and other family building options.

You might anticipate ‘red tape’ and a lengthy approval process. At New York Fertility Services, we expedite your medical needs and commit to help each couple and individual better afford treatment to achieve their goal of becoming a parent.

We founded our New York fertility center on this premise: Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to have a family.

We believe that options such as affordable IVF programs, drug discounts and a proprietary grant program may serve as the catalyst to putting effective fertility treatment within reach of average income earners who may otherwise give up on their dreams.


Military, Teachers, Firemen and Police Qualify for Discounted IVF

iStock_000016426783SmallIn appreciation of your service, New York Fertility Services offers discounted IVF packages for members of the military, teachers, firefighters and police. A typical IVF cycle at our fertility center will cost $10,000. Anyone serving in these sacrificial careers qualifies for a discounted IVF rate of $6,500.

Teachers will also receive fast-tracked fertility services in the summer months to accommodate flexible scheduling when New York, New Jersey and surrounding school districts are not in session.

Thank you, soldiers, teachers, firefighters and policemen and women, for choosing to help others through your daily commitment to service. In recognition, New York Fertility Services gladly offers a discount off the cost of IVF.

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Medication Discounts, NYFS Grants and Fertility Financing at Our New York Fertility Center

Need-Based Grants Help with the Cost of Infertility

We proudly offer the New York Fertility Services Grant Program, which to date has paved the way for more than 60 new families … and counting.

Created to fill a gap for those who don’t have insurance, and may not qualify for a traditional loan, this program exists to make fertility treatment more affordable. With New York Fertility Services grant assistance, you may qualify for increments from $500 to $2,500 in financial aid to offset the cost of IVF.

Ask for details after your initial consultation with Dr. Batzofin, and please complete the attached application to begin the grant process.

NYFS Grant Application 

We’ll Help You Access Compassionate Care and Fertility Drug Discounts

Our long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical companies that serve the infertility community help us to secure discounts of between 25-75% off fertility medications. For example, Ferring, EMD Serono and Merck provide discounted medications for uninsured, income-eligible patients.

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Fertility Financing

New York Fertility Services belongs to ARC, a network of fertility centers committed to providing high quality care and affordable choices. The ARC Affordable Payment Plan™ for fertility medications and treatments, and ARC Refund Guarantee™ were designed specifically for the infertility patient.

Ask our New York Fertility Services team about these options and other reputable partners that specialize in making your dreams affordable.

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The LoGo™ Mini IVF Cycle an Option for Affordable IVF

You may achieve pregnancy with an IVF cycle administered with lower doses of the gonadotropin class of fertility medications. We call this our LoGo IVF cycle and offer it as a lower cost alternative to a conventional IVF treatment. Learn more here about LoGo IVF.

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Contact us at New York Fertility Services to learn more about affordable IVF and a wide range of options for financing your fertility. We pledge to provide the very latest fertility treatment options and the financial solutions to make them accessible to the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut community.