Fertility Travel

Our New York fertility center welcomes international patients who travel to the U.S. for fertility treatment.

As you prepare to travel to the U.S. for fertility treatment, you will likely have many questions. The team at New York Fertility Services in Manhattan is pleased to assist you, and has prepared for you resources to minimize surprises and stressors on your trip. Our entire team strives to make your visit easier, more enjoyable and ultimately more successful as you partner with us for world-class fertility treatment.

People from all over the world travel to the U.S. for fertility treatment, and many specifically seek out Dr. Joel Batzofin, medical director at New York Fertility Services.

We help individuals and couples from the U.S. and overseas achieve pregnancy through advanced reproductive technologies and fertility treatments that incorporate the very latest research and methodologies.

  • In vitro fertilization, IVF
  • Gender selection
  • Third-party reproduction, including donor sperm, donor egg and surrogacy
  • Frozen egg cycles for fertility preservation
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
  • Treatments for advanced maternal age and severe male infertility

Access inclusive, compassionate fertility services

Dr. Batzofin was born in South Africa and is one of the world’s leading fertility specialists, known for successful and inclusive third-party reproduction. This means that Dr. Batzofin helps couples “fill a gap” left by infertility, sexual orientation or relationship status. Donor egg, donor sperm or surrogacy creates loving families and we proudly offer our services to the LGBT community.

The benefits of traveling to the U.S. for fertility treatment

A favorable exchange rate provides an incentive for Europeans to access affordable fertility treatment in the United States. Of course, traveling to the cosmopolitan and vibrant New York City has its own rewards!

Planning your visit to New York Fertility Services

Prior to making travel plans to New York City for fertility treatment, we will formulate a tentative schedule.

  • You will schedule initial medical screenings with your regular physician or a reproductive specialist that we recommend close to your home.
  • New York Fertility Services will provide a list of required fertility tests, including blood tests and sonograms, and your physician will provide us with the results.
  • Patients scheduled for IVF, donor services or surrogacy will begin taking fertility medications at home and plan to spend approximately 7 – 10 days with us at our New York fertility center.

Of course, we encourage you to enjoy New York City’s finest restaurants, Broadway shows, museums, tours and shopping. Our New York fertility center staff will provide friendly assistance with every aspect of planning your visit.

As you make plans for traveling to the U.S. for fertility treatment, count us among your friends in the foreign city. We welcome your visits to New York Fertility Services throughout your stay to discuss your fertility treatment and medication administration, as well as plans for leisure activities while you visit the U.S. and New York City. Contact us here.

Bon voyage and best wishes for a successful visit!