Your First Fertility Appointment

Your First Fertility Appointment: What to Expect

If you are looking for Manhattan fertility experts to help you have a baby, there’s no better place for your first fertility appointment than our New York fertility center. Our entire team is here to help you throughout your journey, starting at your very first visit.

When you arrive for your first fertility appointment, our goal is to learn as much as we can about you, your partner and your family-building goals. The information-gathering starts with building a complete medical history, including details about how long you’ve been trying to get pregnant and any treatments you have tried so far.

For heterosexual couples who have been trying to conceive on their own, your fertility specialist will likely perform a physical exam and order a thorough fertility workup for both partners, looking for answers about the cause of your inability to get pregnant.

For same-sex couples or singles who need medical assistance to achieve pregnancy, your first visit will also include a discussion about all of your available options to grow your family.

Our goal: To get as much information as we can as early as possible, so we can optimize your treatment plan for maximum results.

Getting started: your first fertility appointment

At your first fertility appointment, our Manhattan fertility experts will work to gain a baseline measure of your fertility, so that we can determine which treatment would be most effective for you.

The process starts with you completing a series of detailed patient forms, which provide valuable information about your medical history and factors related to your fertility. Then, you’ll meet with your reproductive endocrinologist, Joel Batzofin, M.D., who specializes in infertility diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to a breast and pelvic exam – much like a visit to the gynecologist – be prepared to answer questions about you and, when applicable, your partner’s health history.

  • Family-building goals
  • Lifestyle
  • Past birth control
  • Pregnancy and sexual histories
  • Prior infertility treatments
  • History of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Medical histories, including any serious illnesses or surgeries

Based on the discussion at your first fertility appointment, your reproductive endocrinologist may order blood work and/or other fertility testing to evaluate whether your reproductive system is functioning normally and you are ovulating regularly. Because a male factor plays a role in infertility for as many as half of all couples who can’t get pregnant on their own, your doctor may also order a semen analysis to evaluate the quantity and quality of your partner’s sperm.

Plan your visit now

Your initial visit to our New York fertility center is an important first step on your journey to getting answers and the help you need to achieve pregnancy and have a child. We look forward to welcoming you.

To schedule your first fertility appointment with our Manhattan fertility experts, contact us to get started.