LoGo IVM for women with PCOS

LoGo IVM is an IVF approach that allows a woman’s eggs to be retrieved earlier than they would be in traditional IVF. The eggs then mature in the laboratory in a process called in vitro maturation, or IVM. With this mini IVF approach, pregnancy can be achieved without large doses of medications and constant ultrasound monitoring, giving women more options for affordable IVF in New York.

LoGo IVM may be recommended for women who are at higher risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, or OHSS, a condition that can cause serious complications. Women who have polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, often have problems with OHSS when taking the high levels of gonadotropins required for traditional IVF.

Thanks to scientific advances, eggs can now be matured in the laboratory, or in vitro, where they can then be fertilized to create embryos. By prompting the eggs to mature outside the body, it’s possible to achieve fertilization and pregnancy while dramatically reducing the risk of OHSS. And, because less medication and monitoring are required, the cost of LoGo IVM is much lower than traditional IVF.

The LoGo IVM process

LoGo IVM provides affordable IVF in New York for many women who are not good candidates for other IVF protocols.

In traditional IVF, a woman takes high doses of gonadotropin hormones to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs at the same time, which are then retrieved and fertilized in the laboratory to create embryos that can be transferred to her uterus. Because this process carries a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation – especially with PCOS – women must return to our office frequently for ultrasound and blood tests prior to egg retrieval.

LoGo IVM, also called low dose gonadotropin or “mini” IVM, is similar to traditional IVF, but uses lower doses of gonadotropin hormones. Eggs are retrieved while still immature and are treated in our IVF laboratory with sophisticated hormone preparations so that the woman doesn’t need to take the hormone medications that would otherwise be required to achieve egg maturation within her body.

This approach has many benefits for women who qualify to receive this advanced treatment.

  • Lower risk of OHSS
  • Less medication and fewer injections
  • Less need for daily ultrasound monitoring and blood tests
  • Fewer visits to our office
  • Lower cost

While IVM is a relatively new approach, we expect our success rates with LoGo IVM to be about 10% lower than or equal to traditional IVF outcomes. Many of our PCOS patients have had remarkable success with this technique, leading to live births.

Find out if mini IVM is right for you

LoGo IVM is not for everyone, but may be the best choice for certain women at higher risk of OHSS. Dr. Batzofin will determine your protocol based on your pre-cycle blood work and other fertility testing. The cost for our LoGo IVM is $7,000, not including any necessary medication and the anesthesia fee for your egg retrieval.

If you’re looking for affordable IVF in New York and want to learn more about LoGo IVM, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Manhattan fertility center.