Therapeutics Services

Therapeutic Services

Free Initial Session with Carolyn Berger, LCSW

Carolyn N. Berger, LCSW, has been helping people build families for 20 years. She is a psychotherapist specializing in infertility, all family building options, and adoption. She is Founding Chair, Board Member and Adoption Coordinator of The American Fertility Association. Carolyn writes and speaks frequently on family building options and was recently interviewed by “The Today Show” on raising families created through birth and adoption, a subject she knows well—her sons, ages 16 and 20, came into her family through medical technology and adoption. She is available for counseling at New York Fertility Services by appointment and your initial session with her is free!  If you are interested, you can reach Carolyn at 914-834-6396 or


Body Awareness:

Here at New York Fertility Services, we understand there is a myriad of ways to travel the road to fertility success.

Knowing everyones situation is unique, we constantly strive to add the best resources, and brightest people to assist you on this journey.

Our personalized approach means having the resources available all under one roof. Further, our integrated approach of Eastern Wellness practices, and Western Technological advancements in ART medicine only touch upon the tools we use to help you reach your goals.

Read on and discover the benefits of New York Fertility Services and the adjacent location of  The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness and Women’s Health.

A healthy mind and body are so important when undergoing fertility treatment. Patricia Moreno, author of IntenSati Method: The Seven principals to Thinner Peace, understands this and applies it to her unique, high energy IntenSati cardio classes and to her life.  Patricia is a patient at New York Fertility Services and is expecting a daughter with her partner, Kellen.  Here is what Patricia has to say about Dr. Batzofin and BFS:

After a year of fertility treatments I was referred to Dr. Batzofin and as soon as I walked into his office I knew I was in the right place. I was hoping to find someone who would be positive, loving and supportive and I did. Every person in the office was personable, caring and sympathetic and Dr. Batzofin made a challenging time a positively memorable one.  We are blessed to be welcoming our baby daughter in a few months. We are eternally grateful.  With love, Patricia Moreno

Everyone can use positive thoughts, affirmations and a guide book for a healthy mind, body and life.  If you would like to learn more about Patricia’s IntenSati Method, visit her web site at


The Berkley Center For Reproductive Wellness & Women’s Health

 A Sensible and Sensitive Medical Alternative

The Berkley Center For Reproductive Wellness & Women’s Health, a focal point for holistic therapy in Manhattan is directed by Mike Berkley, Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Board Certified Herbalist.

The Berkley Center is world renowned in treating reproductive disorders with acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and massage. We take a comprehensive approach to increasing your fertile wellness.  Studies have shown that using acupuncture in conjunction with IVF or IUI increase the chances of conceiving by up to 30% (see medical articles).

The Berkley Centers’ focus is on healing the root causes of infertility. Our approach is straightforward: first we help you to achieve greater overall health; then we focus on greatly enhancing your reproductive function.  At the Berkley Center For Reproductive Wellness & Women’s Health you will be treated with kindness, warmth and compassion.