Things To Do in NYC

Suggested tours, museums, parks, etc.

We know your time is valuable to you. And there are times on the road to pregnancy that are nothing less than a waiting period. We urge you to take advantage of New York Fertility Services’ convenient location in mid-town Manhattan and energize the soul.  Don’t miss the newly opened Bar 65 at Rockefeller Center or the Observation Deck at the top of the World Trade Center to see Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey in one breathtaking view!

NYC is a mecca of art, culture, and an almost endless supply entertainment possibilities. For your approval, we’ve gathered a list of options.

View our list of suggested NYC attractions below:


There is no other place like Broadway!  The theaters, the restaurants, the people, the TKTS Booth with it’s new seating on top, the new pedestrian mall areas in the middle of the busiest section of New York City, the lights…it’s an intoxicating experience.  Broadway is a must-see for anyone visiting our beautiful city.  Teresa Randolph, Director of Practice Relations at New York Fertility Services, will be happy to make show and restaurant recommendations as well as help you secure reservations.  Take a bite out of the Big Apple!

Top of the Rock

With the country facing economic catastrophe and the world between two wars, John D. Rockefeller’s vision for his center never wavered. Rockefeller Center and the observation deck were his gifts to Manhattan – a place for locals and visitors to marvel at the city he loved.  After 20 years and $75 million in renovation, this spectacular roof on the 17th Floor of Rockefeller reopened in 2005.  Because there’s no spire in the middle of the deck, you’ll have the clearest north-south views of New York City.  Make reservations in advance and you won’t have to wait in line for hours like at  the Empire State Building.   While at Rockefeller Center, you won’t want to miss the views from Bar 65 on the 65th Floor. It is one of the largest outdoor patios in New York City and the views are breathtaking.  You can reserve a table for a minium spend or just grab a glass of wine from the bar and walk around to enjoy the splendor that is Manhattan. Be sure to arrive early as the line to get into this high-rise hot-spot grows long after 7:00pm.   Located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, 212-698-2000,

Central Park

A true miracle in the heart of New York City, this 150 year old park is an urban masterpiece.  843 acres of lakes, woodlands, hills and lawns that literally runs right through the middle of our concrete jungle is the backyard oasis of New Yorkers.  Be sure to watch the gian turles swim in Turtle Pond, ride the carousel for old times sakes (the first one was animal powered in 1870 – the rest have been steam powered), go rowboating on the lake, watch the disco skaters strut their stuff by the Bandshell, go skating at Lasker or Wollman Rinks in the wintertime, or discover the Conservatory Gardens. There is also a small zoo and plenty of walking, running and biking paths to explore.  For the romantic, there is the quintessential carriage ride through the park.  You can eat lunch or dinner at the newly renovated Tavern on the Green or The Boathouse restaurants and there are any number of food carts everywhere you look.  Don’t miss this incredible backyard of Manhattan.  212-310-6600 or

The High Line

The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues.  It is a truly unique way to view the West Side of Manhattan –  one of the cooler sections of New York City. There are wonderful restaurants in that area so it’s fun to walk the High Line and then explore the streets around it and find a place to grab a bite and people watch on ground level.  Artichoke Pizza is a favorite of the locals as well as Standard Bar & Grill.

Empire State Building

The quintessential skyscraper and the centerpiece of the Manhattan skyline.  Constructed in the early 1930’s as part of a contest to build the world’s largest building, the Empire State Building eclipsed the Chrysler Building by a few hundred feet.  It’s grand Art Deco style is beautiful to behold and once you take the elevator to the 86th floor observation deck and look around – that’s New York!  350 Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets,  If you’re hungry, be sure to check out State Grill & Bar on the ground level.

World Trade Center

This beautiful building and memorial museum are not to be missed.  The Observation Deck was just opened and not only provides the best view in the world of New York and New Jersey but also has self-guided tours with iPads as well as real people to tell you about the buildings you are seeing.  Absolutely worth the price of admission and standing in line; although you can buy tickets on line for a specific time and skip the long waits.

While there, you will want to allow half a day to tour the 911 Museum.  Be sure to bring some tissues as you can’t go through this amazing tribute to all the victims of 911 without shedding a tear or two.  It is emotional but worthy of your time.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Located in the middle of one of the most famous shopping strips in the world, this church’s great Gothic spires tower above Fifth Avenue.  Mass is held every day of the week but you can come in between the masses to explore the church’s great rose stained glass window and an alter designed by Tiffany & Co.  14 E. 51st Street at Fifth Avenue.

Chrysler Building

New York City’s architectural darling.  The beautiful interior houses another Art Deco masterpiece – Edward Turnbull’s elaborate 100×72 foot ceiling mural celebrating modernity.  The piece depicts workers during the building’s construction.  This mural was recently restored during the building’s renovation.  Be sure to check this out as it’s a big part of New York City history. 405 Lexington Avenue at 42nd St.

Grand Central Station

This magnificent train station has stood in the heart of Manhattan for nearly a century.  Constructed over a decade between 1903 and 1913, the terminal came to embody the dashing, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the city as much as the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.  This building has not only housed a train station but has been host to various exhibitions, bars, restaurants, and stores.  The building itself is full of secrets and stories that are part of New York legend  (Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s secret passage from the station to the Waldorf-Astoria is just one). Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1978 and beautifully restored to its original glory in 1998, the terminal is a part of New York City that deserves a visit.  42nd Street between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue.


Commissioned for action during World War II, this aircraft carrier also served during the Vietnam and Cold Wars and later was used by NASA as a recovery vehicle.  This museum has great interactive exhibits and the hangar and flight decks have a wonderful collection of vintage and modern aircraft from actual fighter planes to a retired British Airways Concorde jet.  Be sure to swing by the Space Pavilion where you can see the Enterprise, a real-life Space Shuttle!  You can also duck down into a submarine to see what life on board this underwater vessel was like.  Pier 86 by 46th Street and the Hudson River.  877-957-SHIP

Bryant Park

This midtown oasis has many tables to sit and watch the crowd go by; wireless internet and a wonderful restaurant and outdoor bar. Best of all, it’s located steps away from New York Fertility Services.  The Park hosts many different concert and music series each summer, including Broadway in Bryant Park and Piano in the Park .  40th to 42nd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, 212-768-4242

New York City is a mecca of different neighborhoods featuring cultural stores, restaurants and a variety of shopping.  Be sure to explore the Meatpacking District, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Harlem, the Financial District, Grammercy District and other interesting  areas  to better understand the melting pot of nationalities that make up our beautiful island.

One of my favorite things to do is take my out of town friends on the Staten Island Ferry so they can see the Statue of Liberty up close, as well as stunning views of lower Manhattan.  The State Island Ferry is free and runs 24/7/365! Don’t miss it!

Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty

Almost half of all Americans can trace their roots through the doors of Ellis Island.  It was designed as the immigration station at the end of the nineteenth century that nearly 2 million people passed through on their way to becoming Americans between it opening in 1892 and it’s closing in 1954. The Ellis Island Museum is in a beautiful Beaux Arts style building and you can see exhibits, artifacts, documents and oral histories about Ellis Island.  Free Admission.  Ellis Island is accessible by the same ferries that serve the Statue of Liberty so it’s a great thing to make a day out of it and tour both historic landmarks.  Admission to the Stastue of Liberty is also free.  1-866-STATUE4  For Ellis Island, 212-363-3206

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Suffering from an embarrassment of riches, this museum is simply too much, too many and too good.  You will see everything from ancient Egyptian, Islamic, Asian, Oceanic, Greek and roman art and artifacts to European paintings and sculpture, modern art, furniture, decorative arts, costumes and textiles…must see treasures displayed in a seemingly infi8nte number of exquisite galleries.  It’s more than any human being  can see in a week but definitely worth trying!  There is an hour long museum highlights tour (free with admission to the Met) that is a wonderful way to get an overview of the Met’s many treasures. Then, you can plan your strategy to conquer those exhibits or galleries that catch your fancy.  A must while you’re visiting our incredible city.  In the summertime, there is a wonderful happy hour on the rooftop where you can take in the sculpture garden as well as amazing views of Central Park.  1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, 212-535-7710 or

Frick Collection

One of the world’s finest personal collections showcased in Henry Clay Frick’s beautiful mansion.  You’ll see masterpieces by Goya, Rembrandt as well as Italian Renaissance sculpture and Min dynasty vases.  A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  1 E. 70th St. at Fifth Avenue; Open Tues – Sat, 10a-6p; Sun 10-5


The Museum of Modern Art dedicates itself to being the foremost “modern” museum in the world and has done so in both the literal and artistic senses of the term.  You’ll see such masterpieces as Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, Matisse’s Dance and Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles D’Avignon along with works of art in the Cubism, Surrealism, Dada, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art styles.  Don’t miss the sculpture garden outdoors.  11 W. 53rd Street, between Fifth & Sixth Avenues, 212-708-9400 or for exhibit information and hours.


Walk around (and around) this architecturally renown museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Art is exhibited along the curving walkway that spirals up in the building.  1071 Fifth Ave at 89th St.

Whitney Museum

See the progression of American art over the past century hang at the Whitney.  Hopper and Calder to Lichtenstein and Haring masterworks and more are all here.  945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street. or call 800-whitney

NY Public Library

This majestic Beaux Arts building with the lion sculptures next to Bryant Park has beautiful reading rooms, special collections and shelves of wonderful old books.  Especially recommended is the Pforzheimer Room that holds an amazing collection of English romanticism in a cozy room with luxurious red velvet chairs. You can amaze and impress your friends by telling them the names of the two lions in front are Patience and Fortitude.

Hop On Hop Off Tours

There are several tour companies that have the double decker tour buses where you can hop on and hop off during your ride.  The top deck of these buses is open so you have maximum viewing of the sights you’ll see along the way.  There are uptown tours and downtown tours and the guides have all kinds of facts about NYC that they’ll share with you.  Check for tours and locations to hop on one their buses.

Circle Line (Statue of Liberty)

Of all the traditional tourist attractions, this is one that plenty of New Yorkers agree is a great thing to do and something that they have actually done themselves.  It’s a three hour, full island cruise that gets you views of all five boroughs, three rivers, seven bridges and two dozen major landmarks.  If you prefer bright lights in the big city, you can opt for the  two-hour Harbor Lights cruise does a semicircle around Manhattan in the evening.  You can sit and listen to the jaunty commentary, or get some wine and toast the city from the deck.  A must!   Sightseeing cruises leave from Pier 83, 42nd Street and the Hudson River.  212-563-3200 or

Brooklyn Bridge

Another fun thing to do is walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn.  You’ll enjoy beautiful views of both cities as you stroll over the East River and at the end, you can stop for pizza at the world famous Grimaldis. Rumor has it that Frank Sinatra used to have his pizzas flown by private jet to Las Vegas and when in town to perform, was the only person that Grimaldis would deliver to.  Be sure to bring some cash because they don’t take American Express or any other kind of plastic.  So worth it! Grimaldi’s, 19 Old Fulton St. between Front and Water Sts in Brooklyn.  No reservations but the line moves fast.

I could go on and on about what there is to do in my city, but sometimes it’s fun to discover things on your own.  I am always available for recommendations or to help with reservations.  Just email me at  We hope you enjoy your stay in Manhattan!   Teresa Randolph, Director of Practice Relations.