New York Fertility Center Helps Couple Get Pregnant Through IUI at 40

Becoming Parents After 40: One Couple’s IUI Journey For Karen Mannoia and her husband, Michael, life was full. Karen had a job in New York City’s bustling hedge fund world. Michael worked in printing and packaging, while devoting even more hours to an organization serving older autistic adults. They had married in 2008, when Karen…Read More

Surrogacy in the United States – A Story worth Telling

Gay Surrogacy in the US

Our Incredible Journey to Parenthood – Liam and Oliver It was a chance remark at a birthday celebration that provided the key to opening the gateway to parenthood. “You two would make great parents”, our host Anita said, “have you ever considered surrogacy?” Despite her long and flourishing career in the fertility sector, even our…Read More

You truly care about your patients and their well being.

Dear Dr. Batzofin, My wife and I would like to thank you for taking our case. Before learning of New York Fertility Services, we unfortunately put our hopes in a different, quite large fertility clinic in New York City. Our experience with that other clinic left us completely demoralized.  Not only were both IVF cycles…Read More

Meet Sweet Carys

It felt like I had a small family there who were rooting for me. Working with Dr. Batzofin and the staff at New York Fertility Services was an amazing experience. Choosing to do IVF is not an easy decision to make because there are so many emotional and clinical stages that you have to go through…Read More

Meet Carla

Dr. Batzofin worked with us on a payment plan so we could try for a family. After having a my tubes tied in 2003, and then remarrying,  I was afraid of not having  the funds and insurance to cover the medical cost for fertility treatment. My new husband did not have any children and having…Read More