Meet Carla

Meet Carla

Dr. Batzofin worked with us on a payment plan so we could try for a family.

carlaAfter having a my tubes tied in 2003, and then remarrying,  I was afraid of not having  the funds and insurance to cover the medical cost for fertility treatment.

My new husband did not have any children and having 4 children of my own put the pressure on to have a child for him.  My husband is a very traditional man, therefore I went and had a tubal reversal, which was unsuccessful.

I researched Dr. Batzofin’s office and I decided that he would be able to help me since the reversal was unsuccessful. I made an appointment for a consultation. Amazing enough that same day I began a test to see if I was eligible for in vitro procedure. Thank God I was.

New York Fertility Center Carla and Dr Batzofin

I encourage not only couples that have fertilization concerns or are infertile but also woman that have had a tubal reversal done to go to Dr. Batzofin’s office. I feel that a woman that needs fertility treatment after a tubal ligation  should go straight to IVF. My experience was wonderful.As anxious as I was, the nurse was great. I began taking the birth control pills right away. I remember it was October 17th and by December 12th,  I was in Dr. Batzofin’s office completing my procedure.

With much gratitude,

Llenil, Carlos and our daughter, Carla