You truly care about your patients and their well being.

You truly care about your patients and their well being.

Dear Dr. Batzofin,


My wife and I would like to thank you for taking our case. Before learning of New York Fertility Services, we unfortunately put our hopes in a different, quite large fertility clinic in New York City. Our experience with that other clinic left us completely demoralized.  Not only were both IVF cycles unsuccessful, we were also treated like “cattle” in the process.  It truly felt as if they didn’t even know our name when we first walked in for an appointment. The atmosphere was cold and sterile. You truly felt like you were on a conveyor belt. Direct contact with the doctor was almost nonexistence. Everything went through his staff. After the first cycle failed we were told we should just try again. There was almost no thought given as to why the first cycle failed. The explanation was that most cycles don’t succeed.

So we tried again and tens of thousands of dollars later the result was the same. Once again the suggestion was to simply try again.  There was no empathy for the massive hit the two cycles had on our finances.

At the end of our mental and financial rope, we knew we couldn’t go back that facility. But where to go? That’s when luck played a role.  While recuperating from the second cycle we met another couple who had the same experience (two impersonal and failed cycles) before they went to New York Fertility Services.  They insisted we get in touch with you, Dr. Batzofin.  They were confident that the experience would be dramatically different.

They were absolutely right to be so confident. As soon as my wife and I walked into your facility, we instantly felt the warm and calm atmosphere.  After our first meeting with you, Dr. Batzofin, we understood why that other couple recommended you so strongly. Not only was your expertise evident, so was your sincerity. You not only digested and thought about our case you also understood that we had been through a lot financially and emotionally.  We knew we were in good hands.

We truly feel that the success of our only cycle with you is due to your expertise and your genuine appreciation and empathy for what your patients are going through.

Throughout the cycle you were always available via email. We are still amazed at how quickly you responded to our questions. You truly care about your patients and their wellbeing.  That quality is also evident in your lab director and embryologist , John Scodras.  From the front desk all the way back to your office, you have assembled a wonderful team at New York fertility Services. That is why we have already recommended another couple to you and will continue to recommend you to anyone else who may ask us for advice.

Thank you again for working with us.


D and O