Understanding the Egg Freezing Process

Understanding the Egg Freezing Process

by | June 7th, 2016


Egg Freezing Facts in 2016

Egg Freezing in NYCEgg freezing is an option if a woman wants to have children at a later time or if she is older and worried about her future fertility “biological clock”. No matter the catalyst for this procedure, egg freezing has become a reliable technique for preserving healthy eggs for future conception. If you are considering egg freezing, contact a fertility clinic to determine your options. The following explanation of the egg freezing process can also help patients decide if this procedure is the right one for them.

Deciding to freeze your eggs.

Having your eggs frozen is an important choice that hinges upon a number of factors. Personal considerations such as waiting for the right partner or needing greater financial security all constitute common reasons why a woman may want to freeze her eggs. If undecided, you may want to consult with an IVF doctor regarding your decision. To facilitate your choice, a fertility clinic can engage in certain clinical measures that will better determine if egg freezing is suitable for future conception.

Pre-treatment testing.

Upon deciding to move forward with egg freezing, your fertility clinic will then perform an assessment of your ovarian reserve to better ascertain the chances of successful egg retrieval and preservation.

Undergoing the egg freezing procedure.

The fertility clinic first administers hormonal medications to facilitate and regulate egg maturation. Once the eggs are ready to be retrieved, the patient comes to the fertility clinic and is placed under light anesthesia ( “conscious sedation”) for the duration of the process. The IVF doctor then uses ultrasound guidance to locate the eggs and collect them via transvaginal needle insertion  — there are no incisions. After an embryologist confirms that the eggs are viable for future use, they are treated with a rapid-freeze technique called vitrification. Vitrification constitutes the latest innovation in egg freezing. By using this fast-freezing method of egg preservation, eggs have an 80 to 90 percent chance of survival, which affords patients the peace of mind of having successful future pregnancies.

Are you considering egg freezing? New York Fertility Services offers safe and reliable egg preservation for patients in the greater Manhattan region. To learn more about our fertility clinic services, including egg donation and surrogacy, please call (212) 679-2289 or contact us online.

If diagnosed with a medical condition that requires radiation treatment or chemotherapy, a woman can freeze her eggs. Read more about fertility preservation and cancer.

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